November 2017 Meeting

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Friday November 17 is our next meeting.  You won’t want to miss this one as Joel will be speaking on our monthly topic: Beyond Collecting:  Letter Writing, Journaling, Drawing, and Calligraphy.

Please bring examples of any of these that you have to share.

We will also have elections of the 2018 Officers and, as always, discuss recent finds and trends in the Pen World!


October 2017 Meeting

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This month’s meeting is on Friday October 20 at 6:30 pm.  The topic for the Meeting will be Sheaffers Snorkel Repair, as shown by Frank Crescioni.  Thank you to Frank for stepping up and showing us this specialized repair.   Please also bring any recent finds and items of interest.


Rain Taxi Book Fair

P.E. N.S. attended the Rain Taxi Bood Fair at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds on Saturday October 15.  Below is our President’s report.  Thank you to all Members who made this a success!
The P.E.N.S. presence at the Rain Taxi book fair at the Fairgrounds was a great success! We signed up half a  dozen people interested in joining our club and made another 3 dozen attendees aware of our Pen Club activities. We will definitely do this again next year. It is the best investment of our $100 to spread the word about the joy of writing and drawing with Fountain Pens. I would guess there were over 2000+ attendees Saturday maybe more.
  • Thanks to Verla for suggesting it and following up on it.
  • Thanks to John Buettner for working hard to get us the last 1/2 table avilable out of 500+ tables.
  • Thanks to Frank Crescioni for printing the fabulous P.E.N.S. Book Marks. We will give 3-5 copies of the book marks to the attendees at our next meeting Oct. 20th (Frank remember to bring the book marks).
  • Thanks to Joel our most popular calligrapher.
  • Thanks to Jim Nelson for showing up to give moral support to the people manning the table.
  • Below are a few pictures Francis had to share. Wish we had a picture of Joel writing names on the Book Marks. I also wish we had a picture of John Buettner hustling the crowds and bring them to our table:—))  …Francis

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September Meeting

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The September Meeting is here already!  This Friday the 15th.

The topic this month is Nib Adjusting, Tuning, Aligning and Flossing (yes it is ok to floss occasionally, just like your teeth).

Francis will be the moderator as Phil (me) has to drop out unexpectedly.  Sorry for that.  But Francis is more of an expert and will be a fountain of information.

Don’t forget to bring recent finds, and any pens of note.

Hope to see everyone there!

August Meeting

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The August Meeting will be this Friday (August 18) at 6:30. The topic for the Meeting is “Buying Pens on EBay, Flea markets, or Antiques Stores (or anywhere else…). It will be hosted by Mike Carter. You can link to his Website – The Fountain Pen Recycler – on the right under the Blogroll section.

See you there!

July Meeting Recap

The July Meeting – Fountain Pen Reference Books and Web Sites – produced a listing that the Membership wants to share and develop.  Following is a summary of some of the sites discussed and consists of a good place to start if you are wanting to research pens.

Click on this link below to access an extensive listing of Web addresses.

Reference Websites

The August meeting will be on Friday August 18. Don’t miss it!

June 2017 Meeting


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The June 2017 Meeting will be at 6:30 this Friday night, June 16.  The topic for the meeting is Minnesota Pens!

Francis will have a presentation and we are hopeful that Steve Nelson, Minnesota Pen Expert, will be here to contribute.  So, bring your Minnesota pens and related memorabilia to make this a great meeting.

Below are a few photos from our May Meeting in which Francis gave an excellent video presentation on the Esterbrook Pen Company and their rich and long history.

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May 2017 Meeting

The May meeting is Friday May 19, 2017 !

This month’s topic is Esterbrook pens, and is being led by Francis.   He has a short presentation and showing of some of his collection.

If you have a few, please bring some from your collection as well!

See you tonight!

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April 2017 Meeting

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This Friday (April 21, 2017) will be our regularly scheduled meeting, commencing at 6:30 pm.  You will want to attend as it is part II of The History of Ink, delivered by Garland Stonestreet. Don’t forget to bring samples of your favorite inks and papers to show and tell as well as any finds or purchases over the past month.

February Meeting Recap

The February Meeting focused on Eyedropper Pens.  Some excellent examples were shown by various members and guests and Basil provided an extensive discussion of his collection.

Here are a few photos.

 photo 7F632A5B-B3ED-47DA-91C8-819F952D89D5_zpstzbfvnqt.jpg

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The next meeting will be on March 17.  We look forward to having you there!