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September 2018 Meeting Recap

The September meeting had an attendance of 20 persons, and featured a discussion of Victorian Pens and Pencils, as well as a poetry reading about the purchase of a Victorian pen in Key West!  Thank you to all the members who brought examples from their collections.

Here a are a few photos of the turnout, and some Victorians.

 photo BB51DC0D-B7A9-44A2-A62D-BD973CC3492D_zpsgn0piiky.jpg
 photo 42f69f32-0736-4c18-ae7f-7e2327c90c36_zpscpnza7l1.jpg

 photo F4E12699-AB73-4974-9948-E9BBA4399ED7_zpsrvla6imi.jpg
 photo 10FBC10D-B47A-4517-9980-1518654DD121_zpskhr0h5h0.jpg

 photo 2f823873-3e8c-4c1d-9eae-bdeb1084d388_zps4sqrvzt2.jpg