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May 2018 Meeting Summary

Friday May 18th marked our May Meeting.  Many thanks to Randy and the Presbyterian Homes for hosting us each month!

John Buettner treated us all to an interesting video on “Lost Wax Casting” and then discussed the techniques he will utilize to develop and produce a PENS silver filigree fountain pen for those members who are interested.  The project is exciting and the next step will be to agree on a design and nibs.  Here are a few photos of John and some of his equipment, tools and materials.

 photo 98db83c4-cb55-4477-93af-b66e248641e3_zpsok7ftlob.jpg

 photo AF7903E1-5824-488A-875D-5A18BA841B5C_zpsdyfmwnmf.jpg

 photo B2882240-D58A-4A3C-B4D4-C9E2B4420CCF_zpsd9div4p1.jpg

Also, Verla Klassen, our member poet, read her monthly poem and this month’s was very appropriate to our growing group ~

The desire
For another fountain pen
Arrives with determination
Often unexpectedly
At a flea market
An antique shop
An estate sale
A pen show
A website
To have a few triggers
The focus strikes
All possibilities
Vie for attention
The type of nib
The filling system
Size, material used
Color, design
Our unique intrigue
Comparing the find
To an existing collection
How and where it fits
Images of the most suitable ink
And its use and purpose
Other than fulfilling
The need for acquisition
The history and name of the pen
Create topics of interactions
With like minded collectors
Indecision often equals loss
Finding solace from others
Acting on a find
Fulfilling satisfaction
Meeting a challenging restoration
So many ways
To interact with fellow enthusiasts
That make up
This special community

Verla Klassen 5-18-18


Finally, Joel Moline, as you know, is an accomplished artist and ceramicist. This June he will the featured Artist with a month long exhibition at The Arts Center of Saint Peter

You can link to the Center above.  There will be ceramics, drawings, and prints by Joel.  As you know, Joel uses fountain pens for some of his work, which is stunning.  And, on June 23rd, from 2 to 5 pm, there will be a special reception in honor of Joel and his wife – thus the theme of the month long exhibition – 50 Years Of Art and Marriage.   

If you get the chance, what a great opportunity to enjoy the drive down to St. Peter and support Joel and see his work.


February 2018 Meeting Recap

The February Meeting was well attended and Basil provided some excellent refreshments.  The theme was Pen Paraphernalia and an interesting assortment was shared.  There were blotters, pen storage wraps, old portable writing desks, ink storage boxes, pen stands, journals, magnifiers, and even some pen jewelry.

Here is a small group of photos of some of the contributions ~

 photo FACDFDF4-064D-4CF5-B6EF-3EC858B7956C_zpsybvsr1ue.jpg

 photo 9D038CEA-11D5-4B07-9A6B-6C83F74D7BA2_zpsddkvtpjm.jpg

 photo B1B22995-CA12-4866-B00F-6D9B8A5D9B31_zpsfnx3vk3b.jpg

 photo 7AC5027E-B3C1-40EC-B4A3-F3E2068A85CF_zpsuuc2ybdm.jpg

 photo 02E9E017-79F6-46BA-AF2B-F244E9FDCC7D_zpsc9nxyhi1.jpg

 photo CDE7F7AC-8D51-422B-8CA3-1008C6F869CA_zpsjanjru4m.jpg

 photo 310F173D-A296-405C-80AF-BF21991C25AA_zps3qjsfsiv.jpg

Rain Taxi Book Fair

P.E. N.S. attended the Rain Taxi Bood Fair at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds on Saturday October 15.  Below is our President’s report.  Thank you to all Members who made this a success!
The P.E.N.S. presence at the Rain Taxi book fair at the Fairgrounds was a great success! We signed up half a  dozen people interested in joining our club and made another 3 dozen attendees aware of our Pen Club activities. We will definitely do this again next year. It is the best investment of our $100 to spread the word about the joy of writing and drawing with Fountain Pens. I would guess there were over 2000+ attendees Saturday maybe more.
  • Thanks to Verla for suggesting it and following up on it.
  • Thanks to John Buettner for working hard to get us the last 1/2 table avilable out of 500+ tables.
  • Thanks to Frank Crescioni for printing the fabulous P.E.N.S. Book Marks. We will give 3-5 copies of the book marks to the attendees at our next meeting Oct. 20th (Frank remember to bring the book marks).
  • Thanks to Joel our most popular calligrapher.
  • Thanks to Jim Nelson for showing up to give moral support to the people manning the table.
  • Below are a few pictures Francis had to share. Wish we had a picture of Joel writing names on the Book Marks. I also wish we had a picture of John Buettner hustling the crowds and bring them to our table:—))  …Francis

 photo unnamed 1_zps9c6aeyn8.jpg

 photo unnamed_zpsah7rfy1s.jpg

July Meeting Recap

The July Meeting – Fountain Pen Reference Books and Web Sites – produced a listing that the Membership wants to share and develop.  Following is a summary of some of the sites discussed and consists of a good place to start if you are wanting to research pens.

Click on this link below to access an extensive listing of Web addresses.

Reference Websites

The August meeting will be on Friday August 18. Don’t miss it!

April 2017 Meeting

 photo JHerbinInks.jpg

This Friday (April 21, 2017) will be our regularly scheduled meeting, commencing at 6:30 pm.  You will want to attend as it is part II of The History of Ink, delivered by Garland Stonestreet. Don’t forget to bring samples of your favorite inks and papers to show and tell as well as any finds or purchases over the past month.

February 2017 Meeting

The February Meeting will be this Friday (2-17-17) at 6:30.  The topic is Eye Dropper Fountain Pens.  Bring your examples and questions!

 photo e4699372987136c2650f93bb3ebccb9b_zpsx970nxir.jpg

Holiday Party 2017

Don’t miss it.  The PENS holiday party is just around the corner, this Sunday evening.  See the invitation to all PENS members below ~

holiday-party-invite-2015  (click to open PDF invitation)


Summerhouse Apartments, Community Room

             4655 North Victoria St.

            Shoreview, MN 55126-5885

Date: Sunday January 8th, 2017

Time: 4:00 PM to 9:00PM

Please bring an appetizer, dessert, or beverage


From Minneapolis:

Highway 94 East to 280 North, connect to 35W North.


North on 35W, then East (right) on hwy 96, (past 694)

Hwy 96 to North Victoria, approx. 2 miles.

Turn left (North) at stoplight onto Victoria, 0.1 mile to Summerhouse Apartment on left side. Park in apartment parking lot, or in lot on left just before apartment.

From St. Paul:

Highway 35E North to 694. Go West (left) on 694 to Lexington Ave. Go North (right) on Lexington to Hwy 96. Go East (right) on 96 to North Victoria, approx 1 mile. Turn left at stoplight onto North Victoria, 0.1 mile to Summerhouse Apartment on left side.


Park in apartment parking lot, or in lot on left just before apartment. This is a secure building. One of the PENS members, will be at the door to greet you…………………..SEE YOU THERE :–))


If you have questions, or get lost, contact

Francis Bulbulian @ 651-983-6165.


Remember to bring your most your Beautiful pen, Ugliest pen for judging by the ladies for prizes. Also bring a gift pen with gold nib, working condition, for the traditional Pen Exchange.



March 2016 Meeting Recap

We had a good showing once more for our March 18th meeting.  Our President, Francis has submitted the report below.
  1. The theme of the meeting, if you missed the meeting,  was vintage pens and pencils in their original boxes. There was wide selection of sets with very interesting & clever presentation boxes. Some of the boxes alone go for high dollars.  Attached are a few picture showing examples from our members vaults
  1. Frank Crescioni was back from his business trip to the United Arab Emirate’s and had some interesting observations.
  2. The winners of the Round # 8 Pen Cartoon were Randy Kirsch 1st place & Joel & Fritz tied for 2nd place.  I also reported that I have another half a dozen new pen cartoons that I got from Dennis Mikalean when I visited the LA Pen Show this past February.
  3. Thanks to Neil for the food & drink. Mike Carter has volunteered to bring finger foods for our May get together.
  4. We have 2 Repair Videos by Jim Marshall. One purchased and one donated to our library. Randy checked out the Parker 51 Repair Video. As I mentioned at the meeting we have a Library of books & magazines at Presbyterian Homes which Randy is in charge of.
  5. John Buettner will give us a demonstration of Pen-Turning (making pens from raw materials) at our May meeting.
  6. Our next meeting is April 15th at WET Paint on Grand Ave in St. Paul, MN. We will start at 6:30 PM and the Theme of the meeting is Testing Paper & Ink. A variety of papers will be provided by Wet Paint for our testing. Bring your favorite pen or quill to do some testing. We will take a poll of the top 3 papers preferred by the pen club members present.
Submitted by Francis Bulbulian
Pen Club President

Directions to our Meetings

All Meeting are held at:

Presbyterian Homes & Services

2845 Hamline Ave. N

St. Paul, MN 55113

 photo image003_zpsfbb0582b.jpg

 photo image004_zps4bc8964c.png

January 2015 Meeting Recap

The January Meeting was held on Friday January 23 at 6:30.  The Topic was Custom Pens, and after the formal meeting was conducted by President Francis Bulbulian, numerous collections were shared by several members.  Following are photos from the meeting, concentrating on the monthly theme.  Thank you to Jim for the treats.  REMINDER:  2015 dues of $20.00 are due now and may be paid at the next meeting to Francis.  Checks and/or cash is acceptable.

 photo DSC_0010_zpsacfwht0l.jpg

 photo DSC_0006_zps8hophpfe.jpg

 photo DSC_0007_zps0o2prj14.jpg

 photo DSC_0005_zpslujeg9le.jpg

 photo DSC_0009_zpspf61w1ne.jpg

 photo DSC_0002_zpsxwbzh1ly.jpg

Some Minnesota Finds and Displays from Jim:

 photo DSC_0008_zps2pmmje4g.jpg

 photo DSC_0014_zps4vtmvh07.jpg

Finally, member Joel will be having a Pottery Show in St. Peter from February 13 – March 15. All are welcome, and the advertisement is below!

 photo DSC_0016_zpsnpmjjnw8.jpg

 photo DSC_0017_zpswryaslyb.jpg

The theme for next months meeting (February 20) will be Japanese Pens. Round up those Sailors, Pilots, Platinums, and many others to show and tell…..