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February 2015 Meeting

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Japanese Pens was the theme of the February meeting. There was surprisingly a large collection and variety of Japanese pens that members brought to show and tell.  Nyleen brought an aesthetically pleasing store display for ink bottles sent to her by a friend from Japan (see photo). Basil had the largest collection and variety of Japanese pens such as Namiki, Pilot, Platinum & their sub-brands. Francis brought a recent book on Japanese pens written by Andreas Lambrou & Masamichi Sunami for reference.  Mr. Sunami  has one of the largest collection of Japanese pens & ephemera in the world.

Articles for our Newsletter: We discussed each member doing a short write up on their area of interest/expertise, which will then be featured in the monthly P.E.N.S. newsletter.  Jim Nelson has volunteered to do a piece on early evolution of Ink Blotters.  Pranay volunteered to do a piece on a Pen Shop in his home town in India.  Please volunteer to add to this project!

Our next meeting is on March 20th.  The theme of the meeting is Swan Mabie Todd Pens & Ephemera.  Please remember the meeting starts at 6:30 PM.  In order to help Randy who lets us in the building, try be on time to minimize his back & fort shuttle to open front door.  Thank you!