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September Meeting Review

The September 19, 2014 meeting marked the end of an era, as we transitioned from our long time home at The Liberty/Associated Bank to our new location at the Presbyterian Homes and Services Building in Roseville.  The location, courtesy of Randy, is first class and everyone enjoyed our new accommodations.  See the previous post for address and directions.   Along with our new location, it is important to note that we will now be starting our meetings at 6:30 pm in the future.  It was agreed that most members are arriving well in advance of the 7:00 pm start time and we may as well get an earlier start to allow for an earlier ride home.

The theme of the meeting was Pelikan Pens, and Francis gave an excellent overview of their history as well as sharing his amazing collection.  He has also provided this website link for all to peruse further Pelikan information.

Pelikan Website

Other members also shared their collections, and as you can see by the photo summary below, there are many of these birds residing in Minnesota!

Our new location, pre – meeting ~

 photo DSC_0023_zps24a58700.jpg

 photo DSC_0022_zps5e49b34c.jpg

Pelikan Pens and Ephemera from the members of PENS ~

 photo DSC_0030_zps1bc30d9b.jpg

 photo DSC_0031_zpsc4bb52b4.jpg

 photo DSC_0032_zpsddd4bf7b.jpg

 photo DSC_0033_zpsfbeabedc.jpg

 photo DSC_0034_zps884ebe85.jpg

 photo DSC_0036_zpsb7f8cc89.jpg

 photo DSC_0027_zpsc75f4710.jpg

 photo DSC_0025_zps0e236e85.jpg

 photo DSC_0024_zpse3083933.jpg

 photo DSC_0020_zpsf6875275.jpg

 photo DSC_0037_zpsf88215f1.jpg

 photo DSC_0038_zps983f766d.jpg