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November 2019 Meeting

The November Meeting took place on the 15th and the topic was Minnesota Pens, let by Francis who had many interesting examples and a video presentation.  Several Minnesota Pen and Pencil manufacturers and / or sellers were discussed, including W.A. Houston (Tracy), Kraker and his various pen names (Minneapolis), Ingersoll, Rentz (Wells), Haspil (Detroit Lakes), among others.

Remember, there is no December meeting.  We will have the Holiday Party on January 5 (stay tuned for more detailed information on times and location) and the regular January meeting on the 17th.

And finally, Francis delivered some good news that Frank is back home and recovering well! We look forward to seeing him very soon!

Below are a few photos of some Minnesota Pens~

 photo A707712D-D322-4254-9A80-B7C10E6F4D29_zpsxtqne05e.jpg

 photo 29D7CFCA-E2E6-470E-9B7A-0B1076A5C8B3_zpseyzyahr5.jpg

 photo D02461E0-D867-4748-B496-9A84D176B0A4_zps2qm76pgg.jpg

June 2017 Meeting


 photo DSC_0013.jpg

 photo DSC_0006.jpg

The June 2017 Meeting will be at 6:30 this Friday night, June 16.  The topic for the meeting is Minnesota Pens!

Francis will have a presentation and we are hopeful that Steve Nelson, Minnesota Pen Expert, will be here to contribute.  So, bring your Minnesota pens and related memorabilia to make this a great meeting.

Below are a few photos from our May Meeting in which Francis gave an excellent video presentation on the Esterbrook Pen Company and their rich and long history.

 photo 6E6F0310-1C94-4E79-B13E-55C52E0A5A47_zpsiliie275.jpg

 photo 700937E9-33C0-4E99-B970-5E87D5CB4730_zpsx1fsbfet.jpg

 photo 12A24718-7ECB-47F6-B88F-4B28A4E4B2E2_zpsk9ahw5py.jpg

April 2014 Meeting Recap

April 11 was another well-attended meeting, led by Francis Bulbulian and his discussion of Minnesota Pens and Pencils.  It is the hope that we will collectively be able to put together a booklet on the history of Minnesota Pen Companies and Marketers, to be shared with the pen community at large. A few of our fine State’s past Companies were Rentz/Self Lock, Pencraft (Yankee, Drew, Winter-Robbins, Minnesota etal), Houston(pre- Sioux City), Brown and Bigelow (Ingersoll),  Haspel, and others.   Thank you to Francis for his slide presentation and to Minnesota Pen expert Steve Nelson for sharing his insights and collection, as well as several other members who shared unique Minnesota Pens.  A few are highlighted below~

Also, thank you to Nyleen for putting together her bulk ink buy for many of the members.  Their inks were delivered at the meeting!

A portion of the large turnout

 photo DSC_0010_zps30a91861.jpg

 photo DSC_0011_zps099fd888.jpg

Some Minnesota Pens and Ephemera ~

 photo DSC_0012_zps9721bf98.jpg

 photo DSC_0008_zps95e17074.jpg

 photo DSC_0014_zps63a4bc5c.jpg

 photo DSC_0016_zps73c808f1.jpg

 photo DSC_0005_zps41ea0099.jpg

 photo DSC_0017_zps84a703ac.jpg

 photo DSC_0003_zpsed529f76.jpg

Next month’s (May 2014) meeting will be on May 16th!