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April 2019 Meeting

 photo 10560-ChouButterfly-zoom 002_zpsgzbqlhpr.jpeg

This Friday, April 26 we will meet for our exciting April Meeting.  Garland Stonestreet will be giving an Audio Visual presentation on urushi lacquer fountain pens commonly referred to as maki-e pens. This will cover the tradition, techniques, and materials used in creating these pens. Examples of the techniques and pens will be shown in the AV presentation.

Please bring any of your maki-e pens and Japanese made pens to share before and after the presentation.  We will meet informally before and after the show, so also bring any current finds, and user pens.

See you on Friday!!

July Meeting Summary

The July meeting’s theme was Montblanc Pens and their history.  Francis put on an excellent slide presentation of the history of what we now know as Montblanc.  I have the slides and will be downloading them shortly.  After the presentation, many members showed a few of their pens and collections.  Here are just a few photos.

 photo 9E64BD00-BF73-400A-8542-263D9C7972B6_zpskxblqfls.jpg

 photo A08ACB9D-0A60-4B78-8A9A-CD4CEAC27BF3_zps5axczxrh.jpg

 photo A3936315-DA92-4A18-9E53-2F1E182A2B3B_zps0jbbr4oo.jpg

 photo 200922A9-1BC7-4AA1-9B22-665647CCE795_zpsjyogwpkk.jpg

 photo 6F3AEF5E-DF0C-4F5B-8913-76E482A370FE_zps2bdl7ty2.jpg

Don’t forget, our next meeting is on August 17th at 6:30. See you there!

June 2018 Meeting

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The June 2018 Meeting will be this Friday (June 15) at 6:30 at the Presbyterian Homes location (see map and address on right side of this page).  This month’s theme is Third Tier Pens.  These are thought of, historically, as the fountain pens that were less expensive and often (but not always) made of inferior materials such as steel nibs and cheaper plastic.  Sheaffers, Parker, Wahl Eversharp, and Waterman, among others were considered First tier pens, and these less expensive makers such as Arnold, Wearever, Majestic,  and many, many others are often lumped into the “third tier” category.  It is a murky category and often open to debate, as some are actually of higher quality.

Please bring a few examples if you have them for show and tell!  We look forward to seeing you!

May 2018 Meeting

 photo british_bespoke_pens_henry_simpole_tweed_pig_zpsyasyzvh3.jpg

The May Meeting is tomorrow! May 18, 2018.  Time flies when you are having fun with pens (and ink and paper, you get the point…).

The theme of tomorrow night’s meeting will be – making a pen with silver filigree using lost wax casting.   John Buettner will once again bring his talents to our Meeting and provide a demonstration of his techniques.

Frank’s award winning newsletter will also be available to all, so don’t miss this one!

April 2018 Meeting Recap

The April Meeting (April 20) was well attended as we had 21 members and guests.  Here is a candid photo as everyone assembled.
 photo 7CA401BD-861A-4506-8411-56A96A10F1C6_zpsryrreujl.jpg

After a bit of socializing, we all settled in to the video room and Francis shared an excellent You Tube video, courtesy of a reference from Garland, on the manufacturing process of Lamy Pens in Germany.  After the video, we shared brief examples of some of our favorite Lamy pens.  The variations of pens was amazing.  Below are a small example of some of the Lamy pens that were on display.

 photo 2C92B08B-713B-4ADA-87DA-DFDA59FC483A_zps3wgwkzum.jpg

 photo FF1B7F97-9FB7-4514-9235-D43E6FA636A3_zpsox56uvpf.jpg

 photo C11A1D66-BBF5-49B7-90A6-61D76167F7B1_zpsuyfecbn0.jpg

 photo A7A49F71-FF9F-402C-91D5-91D7774ABAA6_zps3asj3wxx.jpg

 photo 915C4B27-9FC2-40CE-98B9-BAF4B07E920F_zpsnafe4xdy.jpg

 photo 6A0C8423-5085-4A65-99C1-D7EC88DAAE28_zpsofgeqx5r.jpg

 photo 0E5DD922-B52C-4263-9E82-E3EA69A6B38A_zpspbevaebf.jpg

 photo 895EC4DD-3DDF-4CE4-9D4F-E4C07D9A32BD_zpsanz5s1hy.jpg

 photo 8BDFDE1B-E01E-4181-98E5-D0787D581EFE_zpsl3rirklh.jpg

Our next meeting will be on May 18!

April 2018 Meeting

 photo 38268460_zpsj8lcbs3g.jpg

Well, taxes are hopefully paid, and the Snow is gone, so its time for the April 2018 meeting – this Friday April 20 at 6:30 pm.  The theme for this month’s meeting is Lamy Pens!

Please bring any Lamy pens, Ink, or related Lamy materials to this months meeting!  We hope to have another large turnout!

February 2018 Meeting Recap

The February Meeting was well attended and Basil provided some excellent refreshments.  The theme was Pen Paraphernalia and an interesting assortment was shared.  There were blotters, pen storage wraps, old portable writing desks, ink storage boxes, pen stands, journals, magnifiers, and even some pen jewelry.

Here is a small group of photos of some of the contributions ~

 photo FACDFDF4-064D-4CF5-B6EF-3EC858B7956C_zpsybvsr1ue.jpg

 photo 9D038CEA-11D5-4B07-9A6B-6C83F74D7BA2_zpsddkvtpjm.jpg

 photo B1B22995-CA12-4866-B00F-6D9B8A5D9B31_zpsfnx3vk3b.jpg

 photo 7AC5027E-B3C1-40EC-B4A3-F3E2068A85CF_zpsuuc2ybdm.jpg

 photo 02E9E017-79F6-46BA-AF2B-F244E9FDCC7D_zpsc9nxyhi1.jpg

 photo CDE7F7AC-8D51-422B-8CA3-1008C6F869CA_zpsjanjru4m.jpg

 photo 310F173D-A296-405C-80AF-BF21991C25AA_zps3qjsfsiv.jpg

February 2018 Meeting

 photo HeritagewCheckCSCherry_zpsc7hynzxc.jpg

 photo VENLO_Burlwood_10_Unit_Pen_Case_PC-10-TB_Grande_large_zpsckuq2egn.png

The February Meeting is this Friday, February 16 at 6:30.  The Theme for this month’s meeting is Pen Paraphernalia.  This is a pretty wide open topic, but suggestions might include articles and  equipment used in your pen collecting or usage.

January 2018 Meeting

The January Meeting took place on Friday January 19.  The theme was Contemporary Pens and there was a were a wide array of pens displayed by our members.  Frank provided some excellent treats and Randy did a first class job filling in as Meeting Leader in Francis’ absence.  Thank you to everyone who brought in some excellent examples of contemporary pens and talked about them.

Here is just a small sample of some of them:

 photo A544ECC7-D010-4D27-A0FB-D1C44F336A89_zpsexi4wqc4.jpg

 photo 3B328250-7BA9-4B3F-9F71-9FC6CEF6CE3F_zpsqsr1dqzg.jpg

 photo 7024C366-18EC-4DFE-BB16-413DAFD7D185_zpslroosdcu.jpg

 photo 0B6B6239-AAEB-4B92-84EA-487F496D83EE_zpswuthjb9l.jpg

 photo E8A99672-2D10-474D-AFE6-5C26255C0ABB_zpsaet7j2ca.jpg

 photo 74A57EF8-56F4-4FB6-BD2A-DB1AAE38353C_zpsm0h4dnvp.jpg

 photo 8A33B7D0-44D0-444C-91D5-E6D332CA7B29_zps9oxvkabx.jpg

 photo 2A4CD3CE-5C2C-4EF3-80AE-0161782C3D27_zpsxcz53idz.jpg


 photo 277B2BCB-A39D-47EA-96FB-FE617785DAC6_zpsyg2bxnxy.jpg

Don’t forget our next Meeting on February 16.   Stay tuned for topics and Meeting notes.

January 2018 Meeting

 photo post-5382-0-36632500-1407228825_zpsfj9igdp8.jpg

Our first meeting for the New Year is Friday January 19th. The theme of the meeting is Contemporary Pens.  Bring your collection of contemporary pens produced in the last +/- 20 years. I am sure we will have a very shiny and colorful offering for viewing & discussion.
For the purpose of this meeting we want each of you to select your 3 favorite pens out of your offering. Briefly discuss your view & experience of their functionality, design & writing characteristic. It should be fun to see everyone’s favorites.
For those of you who are attending your first meeting or rejoining us, please see a map at the right for our location and the meeting starts at 6:30 pm.