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November 2017 Meeting

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Friday November 17 is our next meeting.  You won’t want to miss this one as Joel will be speaking on our monthly topic: Beyond Collecting:  Letter Writing, Journaling, Drawing, and Calligraphy.

Please bring examples of any of these that you have to share.

We will also have elections of the 2018 Officers and, as always, discuss recent finds and trends in the Pen World!


October 2017 Meeting

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This month’s meeting is on Friday October 20 at 6:30 pm.  The topic for the Meeting will be Sheaffers Snorkel Repair, as shown by Frank Crescioni.  Thank you to Frank for stepping up and showing us this specialized repair.   Please also bring any recent finds and items of interest.


September Meeting

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The September Meeting is here already!  This Friday the 15th.

The topic this month is Nib Adjusting, Tuning, Aligning and Flossing (yes it is ok to floss occasionally, just like your teeth).

Francis will be the moderator as Phil (me) has to drop out unexpectedly.  Sorry for that.  But Francis is more of an expert and will be a fountain of information.

Don’t forget to bring recent finds, and any pens of note.

Hope to see everyone there!

August Meeting

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The August Meeting will be this Friday (August 18) at 6:30. The topic for the Meeting is “Buying Pens on EBay, Flea markets, or Antiques Stores (or anywhere else…). It will be hosted by Mike Carter. You can link to his Website – The Fountain Pen Recycler – on the right under the Blogroll section.

See you there!

June 2017 Meeting


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The June 2017 Meeting will be at 6:30 this Friday night, June 16.  The topic for the meeting is Minnesota Pens!

Francis will have a presentation and we are hopeful that Steve Nelson, Minnesota Pen Expert, will be here to contribute.  So, bring your Minnesota pens and related memorabilia to make this a great meeting.

Below are a few photos from our May Meeting in which Francis gave an excellent video presentation on the Esterbrook Pen Company and their rich and long history.

 photo 6E6F0310-1C94-4E79-B13E-55C52E0A5A47_zpsiliie275.jpg

 photo 700937E9-33C0-4E99-B970-5E87D5CB4730_zpsx1fsbfet.jpg

 photo 12A24718-7ECB-47F6-B88F-4B28A4E4B2E2_zpsk9ahw5py.jpg

May 2017 Meeting

The May meeting is Friday May 19, 2017 !

This month’s topic is Esterbrook pens, and is being led by Francis.   He has a short presentation and showing of some of his collection.

If you have a few, please bring some from your collection as well!

See you tonight!

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February Meeting Recap

The February Meeting focused on Eyedropper Pens.  Some excellent examples were shown by various members and guests and Basil provided an extensive discussion of his collection.

Here are a few photos.

 photo 7F632A5B-B3ED-47DA-91C8-819F952D89D5_zpstzbfvnqt.jpg

 photo 8D79CD8A-270E-46DF-8D84-1105E827B677_zpsqkyvu3vl.jpg

 photo EBBEF627-D582-422B-ACC9-3077893E48F9_zps7fl7jzda.jpg

The next meeting will be on March 17.  We look forward to having you there!

January Meeting Summary

Theme of the January 27th meeting was Pens with Flexible Nibs. An excellent & informative presentation was made by Joel Moline. The presentation dealt with two main components, the flex nib pen and it’s user.  The summary of the talk below by Joel. 

The user must understand the advantages and limitations of the flex nib.  Too often users are of the opinion that the nib must be pushed to the limit in order to be used.  The whole purpose of a flex nib is to provide character to the line of the written word.  The user must develop a feel for the nib and a certain finesse in it’s use. To obtain the most benefit the user must control the touch of the pen to paper; greater pressure on the downstrokes and lighter pressure on upward or lateral strokes.

Nibs provide us with a variety of characteristics; ridged (the nail), soft (some spring but little if any line variation), Semi-flex (line variation with a bit of effort), full flex ( line variation with a bit of effort), and Wet Noodle ( line variation with little effort…but easily sprung nib).  Each nib will vary in the line contrast it provides ( XXF- B, M-BB, etc.).  A nibs ability to rebound, to go from flex back to it’s normal unfixed line.  A flex nib that doesn’t rebound can be frustrating to use.  The flow must be enough to provide adequate ink to nib when it is flexed and not railroad.  The material the nib is made and the nibs design will have an effect on the flex.  Vintage nibs were most often 14K gold, contemporary flex nibs may be 14K gold, steel, or titanium.

 After the presentation attendees tested the various Pens w/ Flex nibs that members brought for show and tell.

The following discussion took place at our January 27th meeting:

Business & Program Discussion:
1-     Agreed on the location & date of P.E.N.S. Christmas party; Presbyterian Homes at Shoreview on Jan. 7th, 2018.
2-     Neil reported that our treasury has $1448.45 + $40 from new members less $70 outstanding bills.
3-     PENS Library: Randy K. has part of our PENS Library in his office & Frank C. has the balance of the Library at his home. Jana kindly volunteered to inventory our library of books to be listed eventually on our web site for lending purposes. Randy to look for a mobile cart so the library can be moved back and forth easily to our meeting space.
4-     The members present approved the schedule of meeting programs with suggested changes. See the approved revised P.E.N.S. Program Schedule for 2017 attached.

5-     Frank C. to send out the Pen Directory after updates have been made. Please submit any last minute changes to Frank by e-mail;
6-     Winners of the Pen Cartoon #12 were: Joel Moline, 1st place. Basil Gilliland 2nd place. Neil Lutsky & Todd Andrews tied for 3rd place. Prizes were handed out to the winners.
7-     Hosts for February are Teresa, March Jana & Mike C. for April. Mark your calendars.
8-     Verla Klassen (our PENS poet) read her new poem for the meeting attendees.
 9-     The slate of P.E.N.S. officers elected for 2017-18 are as follows:
*         President, Francis Bulbulian
*         Vice President, Randy Kirsch(new)
*         Treasurer, Neil Lutsky
*         News Letter Editor, Frank Crescioni
*         Web Site, Phil Munson
See you all at the February Meeting (February 17, 2017)

July 2016 Meeting Recap

The July Meeting took place on the 15th and was attended by 15 members.  Thank you to our new members!  The theme was Fountain Pen repairs.  Several members brought tools and machinery that they use to repair their pens.

Francis and Frank both put on excellent demonstrations.  Frank brought a beautiful Sheaffer twist-filler back to life and Francis did the same with a Parker Vacumatic. Below are a few photos from the meeting.


 photo E999813F-3CDC-4A39-962D-EE341B16274A_zps5a4l1eaj.jpg

 photo 461F604D-D2BA-490B-92B7-82D73C0BFC18_zpsuqx8j8ab.jpg

 photo F8A7B6EB-4C52-4166-920A-21B2CDE77D90_zpsg4z1gict.jpg

 photo 542BDFC5-BAC0-4F89-9135-DEFD1B90B6A2_zps7zumzari.jpg

 photo 4441DAB5-B623-4958-B66D-1F235EB2F172_zps9kbrbps6.jpg

 photo E51E505F-1AEB-435F-83D3-7325DD537BBE_zpskaf0ck59.jpg

The August meeting will be on August 19th at the usual location (address on the right side if this page).  The tentative topic is British Pens.  So, dig up those Conway Stewart, Mentmore, Summit, Swan, Valentine, Parker and any other British pens to share!

July Meeting

 photo DSC_0001-1_zpse56fcc08.jpg

The July Meeting will be this Friday (July 15) at 6:30 at our usual meeting place:

Presbyterian Homes Office Building  2845 Hamline Ave North,  Roseville, MN, 55113  (see map to right)

The theme for this month’s meeting is “Pen Repair Tools and Techniques” and will feature various repair demonstrations by members.  Please bring along any tools you may use in repair as well as some of the various books that assist you, even if you do minor repairs.

We look forward to seeing you there!