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January 2018 Meeting

The January Meeting took place on Friday January 19.  The theme was Contemporary Pens and there was a were a wide array of pens displayed by our members.  Frank provided some excellent treats and Randy did a first class job filling in as Meeting Leader in Francis’ absence.  Thank you to everyone who brought in some excellent examples of contemporary pens and talked about them.

Here is just a small sample of some of them:

 photo A544ECC7-D010-4D27-A0FB-D1C44F336A89_zpsexi4wqc4.jpg

 photo 3B328250-7BA9-4B3F-9F71-9FC6CEF6CE3F_zpsqsr1dqzg.jpg

 photo 7024C366-18EC-4DFE-BB16-413DAFD7D185_zpslroosdcu.jpg

 photo 0B6B6239-AAEB-4B92-84EA-487F496D83EE_zpswuthjb9l.jpg

 photo E8A99672-2D10-474D-AFE6-5C26255C0ABB_zpsaet7j2ca.jpg

 photo 74A57EF8-56F4-4FB6-BD2A-DB1AAE38353C_zpsm0h4dnvp.jpg

 photo 8A33B7D0-44D0-444C-91D5-E6D332CA7B29_zps9oxvkabx.jpg

 photo 2A4CD3CE-5C2C-4EF3-80AE-0161782C3D27_zpsxcz53idz.jpg


 photo 277B2BCB-A39D-47EA-96FB-FE617785DAC6_zpsyg2bxnxy.jpg

Don’t forget our next Meeting on February 16.   Stay tuned for topics and Meeting notes.

January 2018 Meeting

 photo post-5382-0-36632500-1407228825_zpsfj9igdp8.jpg

Our first meeting for the New Year is Friday January 19th. The theme of the meeting is Contemporary Pens.  Bring your collection of contemporary pens produced in the last +/- 20 years. I am sure we will have a very shiny and colorful offering for viewing & discussion.
For the purpose of this meeting we want each of you to select your 3 favorite pens out of your offering. Briefly discuss your view & experience of their functionality, design & writing characteristic. It should be fun to see everyone’s favorites.
For those of you who are attending your first meeting or rejoining us, please see a map at the right for our location and the meeting starts at 6:30 pm.

November Meeting – Minnesota Pen Club Beginnings

The November Meeting theme was Contemporary Pens, and we were very fortunate to also have a guest speaker,  Craig Hinrichs, a former member, and founding member of our predecessor club back in 1985.  He shared some very interesting stories of the advent of a Minnesota Pen Club in the mid 1980s and its operation.  Craig also shared some very professional photos of some contemporary pens that he has professionally used and photographed over the years.  A capsule of some of these photos is below. (click on the numbers for a link to four .pdf files). Thank you, Craig!

 photo DSC_0013_zps87b5115e.jpg


16-30 Revised



We also shared contemporary  pens from several member collections, as well as a few new finds.  A few photos of these are below.  Thank you to all who participated and spent the time to walk us through their collections!

 photo DSC_0005_zpsbb119dc7.jpg

 photo DSC_0003_zps9eca5204.jpg

 photo DSC_0006_zpsebbe6bb4.jpg

 photo DSC_0008_zps610db0f1.jpg

 photo DSC_0009_zpsc37ada59.jpg


 photo DSC_0017_zps0a7d7bfc.jpg

 photo DSC_0019_zps09eb42bc.jpg


The Annual Holiday Party will be on December 28 at the Summer House.  If you are planning on attending, don’t forget to bring an entry for the ugliest pen, a pen for the gift exchange, some food to share, and we are always looking for pen related quizzes, puzzles, and contests…..