Daily Archives: November 16, 2019

November 2019 Meeting

The November Meeting took place on the 15th and the topic was Minnesota Pens, let by Francis who had many interesting examples and a video presentation.  Several Minnesota Pen and Pencil manufacturers and / or sellers were discussed, including W.A. Houston (Tracy), Kraker and his various pen names (Minneapolis), Ingersoll, Rentz (Wells), Haspil (Detroit Lakes), among others.

Remember, there is no December meeting.  We will have the Holiday Party on January 5 (stay tuned for more detailed information on times and location) and the regular January meeting on the 17th.

And finally, Francis delivered some good news that Frank is back home and recovering well! We look forward to seeing him very soon!

Below are a few photos of some Minnesota Pens~

 photo A707712D-D322-4254-9A80-B7C10E6F4D29_zpsxtqne05e.jpg

 photo 29D7CFCA-E2E6-470E-9B7A-0B1076A5C8B3_zpseyzyahr5.jpg

 photo D02461E0-D867-4748-B496-9A84D176B0A4_zps2qm76pgg.jpg