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April 2019 Meeting Recap

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The April Meeting was a full house!  We had about 20m members and guests and all of us were treated to a superb video talk by Garland Stonestreet about Maki-E pens and how they are made.   The process is fascinating and the videos showed the history of this ancient skill as well as how it is applied to pens.

Some members brought in their examples and here is a photo of a few of the many Japanese pens that were shared.

 photo 50BF5DE7-C41A-4F01-9BB0-2D2871F388D9_zpsqubqzopv.jpg

Thanks to all who attended and especially the new attendees!  We hope to see everyone on May 17!

April 2019 Meeting

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This Friday, April 26 we will meet for our exciting April Meeting.  Garland Stonestreet will be giving an Audio Visual presentation on urushi lacquer fountain pens commonly referred to as maki-e pens. This will cover the tradition, techniques, and materials used in creating these pens. Examples of the techniques and pens will be shown in the AV presentation.

Please bring any of your maki-e pens and Japanese made pens to share before and after the presentation.  We will meet informally before and after the show, so also bring any current finds, and user pens.

See you on Friday!!