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May 2018 Meeting Summary

Friday May 18th marked our May Meeting.  Many thanks to Randy and the Presbyterian Homes for hosting us each month!

John Buettner treated us all to an interesting video on “Lost Wax Casting” and then discussed the techniques he will utilize to develop and produce a PENS silver filigree fountain pen for those members who are interested.  The project is exciting and the next step will be to agree on a design and nibs.  Here are a few photos of John and some of his equipment, tools and materials.

 photo 98db83c4-cb55-4477-93af-b66e248641e3_zpsok7ftlob.jpg

 photo AF7903E1-5824-488A-875D-5A18BA841B5C_zpsdyfmwnmf.jpg

 photo B2882240-D58A-4A3C-B4D4-C9E2B4420CCF_zpsd9div4p1.jpg

Also, Verla Klassen, our member poet, read her monthly poem and this month’s was very appropriate to our growing group ~

The desire
For another fountain pen
Arrives with determination
Often unexpectedly
At a flea market
An antique shop
An estate sale
A pen show
A website
To have a few triggers
The focus strikes
All possibilities
Vie for attention
The type of nib
The filling system
Size, material used
Color, design
Our unique intrigue
Comparing the find
To an existing collection
How and where it fits
Images of the most suitable ink
And its use and purpose
Other than fulfilling
The need for acquisition
The history and name of the pen
Create topics of interactions
With like minded collectors
Indecision often equals loss
Finding solace from others
Acting on a find
Gratifying satisfaction
Meeting a challenging restoration
So many ways
To interact with fellow enthusiasts
That make up
This special community

Verla Klassen 5-18-18


Finally, Joel Moline, as you know, is an accomplished artist and ceramicist. This June he will be the featured Artist with a month long exhibition at The Arts Center of Saint Peter

You can link to the Center above.  There will be ceramics, drawings, and prints by Joel.  As you know, Joel uses fountain pens for some of his work, which is stunning.  And, on June 23rd, from 2 to 5 pm, there will be a special reception in honor of Joel and his wife – thus the theme of the month long exhibition – 50 Years Of Art and Marriage.   

If you get the chance, what a great opportunity to enjoy the drive down to St. Peter and support Joel and see his work.

May 2018 Meeting

 photo british_bespoke_pens_henry_simpole_tweed_pig_zpsyasyzvh3.jpg

The May Meeting is tomorrow! May 18, 2018.  Time flies when you are having fun with pens (and ink and paper, you get the point…).

The theme of tomorrow night’s meeting will be – making a pen with silver filigree using lost wax casting.   John Buettner will once again bring his talents to our Meeting and provide a demonstration of his techniques.

Frank’s award winning newsletter will also be available to all, so don’t miss this one!