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May 2016 Meeting Recap

The May Meeting was an excellent insight into the world of Pen Turning and Pen Making.  Member John Buettner  brought in his tools, supplies and machinery and gave us a demonstration on the various types of pens, fountain pens, and pencils (and even some awesome jewelry) that he makes from various materials from Silver to Plastics.  All are extraordinary works of craftsmanship and we are grateful to John for sharing his talents with us.

 photo 2D74EC60-7AB9-4B35-A1D7-356CF44F0CED_zpsahlkfijt.jpg

 photo 71802C38-0D78-401F-9A22-2968ACA7D04E_zpsgiodjgwt.jpg

 photo 4F55B21E-0ED8-49E5-95BC-73D60D3C2FFB_zpsnbsfy6nx.jpg

 photo 67B92CEB-DB2F-4502-9EA4-FF3485E8887C_zpsr7rqlrtr.jpg

 photo 1CA702F1-2852-43BE-9BDA-1F5953EA47DC_zpsen8ukkcq.jpg

and a small video of polishing.  Yes, we now have video on our site.  Look for more as the month’s roll on.