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August Meeting


The August 15th Meeting location has been changed.  Please read this note from Fritz regarding relocation!

“I spoke with the branch manager at Associated bank yesterday. We cannot use any space in the new bank building after normal business hours. No exceptions, period! The building’s alarm will be armed after hours, and we cannot use a room there.
He offered a room for us to use during business hours any day they are open, but that obviously will not work.
So, put on your thinking caps, blind caps and cap bands and help us figure out where we can meet regularly.
For August 15th, we will meet at my office at 7 PM, 635 South Cleveland Ave, St. Paul. Parking is available in the back and on the street. We can either use a room upstairs which has lots of space, but needs tables and chairs, or the waiting room on the first floor that is smaller and has chairs, but no table space.
I favor using the waiting room, but I want to close up by 9:30 PM or so.”  and

For our PENS meeting  this week, we need some volunteers to bring card tables. I have chairs, but not enough table space. I can bring one card table, we need probably 2 more. It will be tight in my waiting room, but this is preferable to climbing up to the second level with our cases, chairs, card tables and other paraphernalia.
You can arrive as early as 6:30 PM Friday, but I want to close up at 9:30 PM.

The theme for this month’s meeting is second and third tier pens.  Bring examples of some from your collection to share with everyone.