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September 2011 Meeting Notes

Here are a few photos from the meeting on Friday, focusing on the Snorkel filling system.  Please refer to the Newsletter for this month, where Frank has an excellent summary of the various Sheaffer Snorkel models.


Don’t forget that the PFM (Pen For Men) was a snorkel also.


September 2011 Newsletter

Frank has completed this month’s newsletter and is now on his way up North (lucky him!).  There will be hard copies available at the meeting this Friday.  Don’t forget to bring any examples of Snorkels, along with any associated ephemera.

9 11 p1

9 11 p2

9 11 p3

9 11 p4

September Meeting

The September Meeting is scheduled for this Friday Evening September 16, 2011 at 7:00 pm.   The topic this month will be Sheaffer Snorkels.   Bring any examples that you may have of pens with this innovative filling system!