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Montblanc March

The March Meeting is this Friday at 7:00 pm.  The theme is Montblanc Pens!   The March newsletter is full of great information and thank you to Frank for his hard work.  It follows below: (also, don’t miss the recently uploaded February ” Signature ” below the March issue) ~

PENS Signature 03 11a

PENS Signature 03 11b

PENS Signature 03 11c

PENS Signature 03 11d

February Signature

Below, please find the February Signature.  Thank you, Frank, for this great publication.

PENS Signature 02 11a

PENS Signature 02 11 b

PENS Signature 02 11c

PENS Signatue 02 11d

March Meeting

This month’s meeting is this Friday (3/18)  at 7:00pm!  The snow is finally melting and what better time to discuss pens!

An interesting Fountain Pen Research Tidbit from 1929 ~