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Holiday Party


This year’s Holiday Party will be held on Sunday January 2nd @ 4:30 PM.   The address is:     Summerhouse Apartments,  4655 North Victoria St.  Shoreview,  MN 55126-5885.  There will not be a Pen Club meeting at the regularly scheduled date in December.  The next scheduled meeting will be on the regularly scheduled Friday in January.

November Meeting and Newsletter

Following is this month’s newsletter. The host for  this month’s meeting will be  Basil Gilliland. The theme was submitted by a member and it is “Your first five pens”.  Instead of the normal first pen theme, we should expand it to the first five pens, as by pen four or five we should have learned a thing or two and this them would demonstrate and evolution in collecting or acquiring pens.

The meeting will be at the Bank on Friday at 7:00, and hard copies of the newsletter will be there.

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Ohio Pen Show 2010

A photo of some of our members (Mike, Frank, and Francis) at this past weekend’s Ohio Pen Show.