July 2021 Meeting

We will have our Pen Club meeting on Zoom** Wednesday July 21st at 6:00pm.

The theme for the evening is Pen Storage Systems. Tell us your method of storing your fountain pens safely and securely. I hope to post the invitation details here prior to the meeting,

June Meeting Video

Francis has provided us with a video of the meeting on Letterlocking (how many of us have tried this – I have :).

The link can be found here. The passcode is 9V@1ZB3W   

June 2021 Meeting Recap – Letterlocking

We were joined by Evan Harris of Stationary Orbit last night for a fascinating discussion of Letterlocking. For those of us who did not know anything about Letterlocking, it is a word coined in 2009 for the ancient art of folding, cutting, tucking, waxing, taping or otherwise manipulating a piece (or pieces) of paper that has a communication on it, to send through the Mail, without using an envelope.

A few members have a working knowledge of this and were able to share their experiences as well. Evan actually demonstrated a few different types of folds and discussed using wax seals or tape to secure them. He also discussed how successful he has been in sending these through the USPS, and the extra cost involved to do so.

Here is a link to several You Tube videos on Letterlocking, if you have not already seen them. It is an excellent summary and hopefully lead to a few letters sent using this method. Don’t forget the extra 20 cents :).

The virtual July meeting will take place on July 23 and the topic will be “Pen Storage”. Please come prepared to discuss how you store your pens, with photos, or videos, if possible.

June 16, 2021 Meeting Update

Join us for tomorrow night’s Zoom Meeting (details in post below).


Meeting ID: 814 0455 5085

Passcode: 316396

June 2021 Meeting

Our On Line / Virtual Pen Club meeting is scheduled for this coming Wednesday June 16th, 2021 at 6 PM Central

The speaker is Evan Harris co-host of Stationary Orbit podcast. 

He will be discussing; 

“Letterlocking”, the process of folding, cutting, and adhering letters to be sent without any sort of envelope. Letter locks can include various levels of security to prevent the letters from being read, and are part of a great historical tradition. Much of this is based off the work of the Unlocking History Lab at MIT**. Letter locking is a great way to personalize your letters and to use fountain pens in interesting ways”.

The link to the Zoom meeting will be sent by Francis to all Members on Tuesday and I will post her as soon as I have it.

May Meeting Recap

Our May Zoom Meeting was attended by 20 members and the topic of nib repair and minor pen restoration was led by Francis. He used both live feeds to demonstrate nib removal, cleaning, burnishing and tweaking, shared a video on nibs which covered many basic properties of nibs and minor adjustments that can be made.

The video is here.

Thank you to all who joined, both members and new members. We were joined by Evan Harris of the Stationary Orbit Website and Podcast. We thank him for his input and look forward to his web content. Check it out in the link above and we have also linked on the Blogroll to the right.

Francis’ presentation sparked interest in repairs and a good resource for repair supplies is Pentooling.com.

Once again, thank you, Francis, for the entertaining evening, and for everyone’s comments and contributions to the discussion.

Stay tuned for the June Meeting notes here in a few weeks. Unfortunately, we will still be meeting on the Zoom platform, but the last several presentations have used both live and prepared feeds with great results. I will post the date and time of the next meeting here as soon as I know, and a link to my contact if you need the Zoom link.

Have a great Month

Addendum (5-22-21): A video of Francis’ presentation (parts of it) can be seen here, and by using the following passcode: =ik8wJ.q the equal sign (=) is included in the passcode.

May 2021 Meeting

We will have a Zoom meeting on May 19th @ 6:00 PM.

Theme of the meeting will be Nib Maintenance & Repair:




We will do this as a clinic format. I will first demonstrate the technics I use for doing the above repairs and adjustments mentioned. I will demonstration via “Camo”(an overhead camera application) the process. Next if you have questions & specific example of problem nibs, you have an opportunity to ask questions to the group or myself. Please, if you can, have a few image describing your issue with the pen nib.

A Zoom invitation will be sent out a day before the meeting.


January 2020 Meeting Recap

Despite the cold temperatures, we had a great turnout for our January Meeting and the topic was Christmas Pens and Advertising.  Francis put together an excellent video presentation which detailed several old and new Christmas advertisements, sparking some lively conversation and excellent insights by Basil.

We also experienced our new home and it is very, very nice.  Special thanks to Randy for getting it ready for us every month!  And a thanks to Jim for the excellent food and drink.

For those that couldn’t make it last Friday, here are a few photos of the group and the new space, which is just across the parking lot from the old space.  We hope to see you soon!

 photo 7FB46D8C-B658-4AAA-B8F7-BC93C6C79C60_zpstwb9vhaq.jpg

 photo 54D58712-0E45-4D5C-85F3-6414C8B3A4D5_zpsde30izoc.jpg

 photo 5DB206D8-DD84-429A-BE4C-789E74B67E2E_zpsntf59t5x.jpg

 photo C00A12AD-F017-4212-BEEE-01ECC43FF358_zpshrm0gueq.jpg

New Location

Our meetings will now be held in a new location, across the street from where we normally meet.

See the Map below for further clarification.  See you on Friday at 6:30!

 photo Hamline Center Map_zpsyg7dyv75.jpg

January 2020 Meeting

 photo s-l1600 2_zpsf6gttv4e.jpg

The January meeting will be this Friday (January 24) at 6:30 and the topic will be Christmas Themed Advertising, Pens, or Pen related ephemera (pen boxes etc..).

We look forward to seeing everyone there!