March 2015 Meeting

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The March Meeting was held on the evening of the 20th.  The topic was Mabie Todd Pens.  Several members brought collections, both large and small.  Those of us without representative pens enjoyed a Mabie Todd talk by Francis and looking at several of these collections.  A few photos follow.

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Next Month’s Meeting will be on April 17th at 6:30 and the topic will be Desk Sets. Bring up to 5 of your Desk Pens/Sets for show and tell. See you then!

March Meeting

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The PENS March 2015 Meeting will be on Friday March 20 at 6:30 pm.

The Topic for this Friday is Swan Mabie Todd Pens and Ephemera.  Please bring any items that you have related to this as well as your recent finds.  We look forward to an entertaining evening.

February 2015 Meeting

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Japanese Pens was the theme of the February meeting. There was surprisingly a large collection and variety of Japanese pens that members brought to show and tell.  Nyleen brought an aesthetically pleasing store display for ink bottles sent to her by a friend from Japan (see photo). Basil had the largest collection and variety of Japanese pens such as Namiki, Pilot, Platinum & their sub-brands. Francis brought a recent book on Japanese pens written by Andreas Lambrou & Masamichi Sunami for reference.  Mr. Sunami  has one of the largest collection of Japanese pens & ephemera in the world.

Articles for our Newsletter: We discussed each member doing a short write up on their area of interest/expertise, which will then be featured in the monthly P.E.N.S. newsletter.  Jim Nelson has volunteered to do a piece on early evolution of Ink Blotters.  Pranay volunteered to do a piece on a Pen Shop in his home town in India.  Please volunteer to add to this project!

Our next meeting is on March 20th.  The theme of the meeting is Swan Mabie Todd Pens & Ephemera.  Please remember the meeting starts at 6:30 PM.  In order to help Randy who lets us in the building, try be on time to minimize his back & fort shuttle to open front door.  Thank you!

Directions to our Meetings

All Meeting are held at:

Presbyterian Homes & Services

2845 Hamline Ave. N

St. Paul, MN 55113

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January 2015 Meeting Recap

The January Meeting was held on Friday January 23 at 6:30.  The Topic was Custom Pens, and after the formal meeting was conducted by President Francis Bulbulian, numerous collections were shared by several members.  Following are photos from the meeting, concentrating on the monthly theme.  Thank you to Jim for the treats.  REMINDER:  2015 dues of $20.00 are due now and may be paid at the next meeting to Francis.  Checks and/or cash is acceptable.

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Some Minnesota Finds and Displays from Jim:

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Finally, member Joel will be having a Pottery Show in St. Peter from February 13 – March 15. All are welcome, and the advertisement is below!

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The theme for next months meeting (February 20) will be Japanese Pens. Round up those Sailors, Pilots, Platinums, and many others to show and tell…..

January 2015 Meeting Date Change

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Our January Meeting date has been changed to January 23 at 6:30 pm, instead of the scheduled January 16 date.  Please make note of this and plan on attending on the 23rd.  The Theme for the evening is Custom Fountain Pens.  So, bring a few custom made pens that you may have and enjoy an evening of discussion and pen fun!

2014 Holiday Party

The PENS Holiday Party was on December 28 at the Summer House.  The food was outstanding as always, as were the games and quizzes. Thank you to our host and to everyone who contributed to the festivities!

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November Meeting – Minnesota Pen Club Beginnings

The November Meeting theme was Contemporary Pens, and we were very fortunate to also have a guest speaker,  Craig Hinrichs, a former member, and founding member of our predecessor club back in 1985.  He shared some very interesting stories of the advent of a Minnesota Pen Club in the mid 1980s and its operation.  Craig also shared some very professional photos of some contemporary pens that he has professionally used and photographed over the years.  A capsule of some of these photos is below. (click on the numbers for a link to four .pdf files). Thank you, Craig!

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16-30 Revised



We also shared contemporary  pens from several member collections, as well as a few new finds.  A few photos of these are below.  Thank you to all who participated and spent the time to walk us through their collections!

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The Annual Holiday Party will be on December 28 at the Summer House.  If you are planning on attending, don’t forget to bring an entry for the ugliest pen, a pen for the gift exchange, some food to share, and we are always looking for pen related quizzes, puzzles, and contests…..

October 2014 Meeting

Our October meeting was well attended and Francis gave a presentation on the Pens of Mont Blanc which included some interesting Company History and sharing of his collection. Along with Basil’s extensive collection, we had quite a large selection of pens to study and discuss!

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September Meeting Review

The September 19, 2014 meeting marked the end of an era, as we transitioned from our long time home at The Liberty/Associated Bank to our new location at the Presbyterian Homes and Services Building in Roseville.  The location, courtesy of Randy, is first class and everyone enjoyed our new accommodations.  See the previous post for address and directions.   Along with our new location, it is important to note that we will now be starting our meetings at 6:30 pm in the future.  It was agreed that most members are arriving well in advance of the 7:00 pm start time and we may as well get an earlier start to allow for an earlier ride home.

The theme of the meeting was Pelikan Pens, and Francis gave an excellent overview of their history as well as sharing his amazing collection.  He has also provided this website link for all to peruse further Pelikan information.

Pelikan Website

Other members also shared their collections, and as you can see by the photo summary below, there are many of these birds residing in Minnesota!

Our new location, pre – meeting ~

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 photo DSC_0022_zps5e49b34c.jpg

Pelikan Pens and Ephemera from the members of PENS ~

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