November 2022 Meeting Recap

The November Meeting (11-16) was well attended at Mim’s Cafe. The topic was Inks, and Members brought examples of some of their favorites. Inks represented were Waterman, Pelikan, Iroshizuku, J Herbin, Diamine, Montblanc, Parker, Akkerman, Robert Oster, Ferris Wheel Press, Colorverse, Dominant Industry, Graf Von Faber-Castell, Lamy, Wearingeul, among others.

We also discussed the upcoming Pelikan Hub, Election of Officers, the Holiday Party coming up in January (stay tuned for more details), and other Pen Stuff.

Here are a few photos of some of the participants. Thanks to all who attended!

November 2022 Meeting

Favorite Inks

We are having our Pen Club meeting this Wednesday November 16th, 6PM @ Mim’s Cafe, 1435 Cleveland Ave N, St Paul, MN 55108 across from the U of M St.Paul Campus, There is parking right behind Mim’s Cafe building and on adjacent streets. 

Theme of the meeting; Your Favorite Inks

Each of us has their favorite inks to write with. The theme of the November meeting is to introduce the ink companies you would recommend to another collector. Tell us your reason for picking the specific ink, was it color, price, bottle design features, anything else. Bring 4 or 5 of your favorite ink bottles to show and discuss reasons behind your picks.

Additionally, we will Voting for the slate of P.E.N.S. officers at this meeting.

At our October meeting we nominated the following slate of P.E.N.S.officers for a 2 year term. 

At this meeting we will be voting for the final slate of names put forward as follows. If you will not be attending the meeting, we would like your alternate suggestions to the slate. Send it to my attention

President: Francis Bulbulian
Vice President: Randy Kirsch
Newsletter Editor: Terry Bentley
Treasurer: Frederick “Fritz” Ferris
Webmaster: Phil Munson

Instagram: Andrea Opland
Executive Secretary: Mike Green
Outreach Director: Garland Stonestreet
Librarian: Janna Harrer
Program Director: Francis Bulbulian

Start thinking of which inks to bring and we hope to see you on the 16th!

October 2022 Meeting Recap

We had a very interesting Pen Club meeting at Mim’s this past Wednesday evening (10-19-22). There were 12 attendees, and all presented their new pen finds/acquisitions. The group had a chance to test many of the pens* on paper. It was lots of fun and we saw a number of beautiful pens and nib styles.

“Prince’s Purple Dragon” pen, custom made Mike Green


At our October meeting, every 2 years, we elect a new slate of Pen Club Board members. After some deliberation the following names were submitted as follows. The final vote gets done at our November 16th meeting, after receiving additional names from the members that were not present at the meeting.  

Officer nominations as recorded by Mike Green:

President: Francis Bulbulian
Vice President:  Randy Kirsch
Newsletter Editor: Terry Bentley
Treasurer: Frederick “Fritz” Ferris
Webmaster: Phil Munson

Instagram Editor: Andrea Opland
Executive Secretary: Mike Green
Outreach: Garland Stonestreet
Librarian: Jana Harrer
Program Director: Francis Bulbulian

BENU, “Armenian Pomegranate” pen

October 2022 Live Meeting

We are having our Pen Club meeting this Wednesday (October 19, 2022) @ Mim’s Cafe adjacent to the St. Paul Campus,1435 Cleveland Ave N, St Paul, MN 55108. (Note: there is construction on parts of Cleveland, however there is parking behind Mim’s Cafe building and on adjacent streets. 

Theme of the meeting; Show and Tell your Recent Pen Acquisitions

1) What motivated you to buy the pen, design & coloration, nib characteristics, price?

2) Let people use your pen* to test the nib & feel of the pen and it writing characteristics.

3) What specific ink do you select for your pen, if you do so, and why.

* I think it would be good to have ink in at least a few of your pens.

The purpose of this meeting is for the pen club attendees to find out what new or used pen are out there and get a chance to write and test these pens. Bring a pad and paper to test the pens writing character, ink color you are using and why.

We hope to see you there!

September 2022 Meeting Recap

Topic: Demonstration by Terry Bentley.

Thank you to Terry Bentley for demonstrating unique art works, produced with his artistic talent, water, fountain pen inks, household bleach, glass dip pens, and brushes.

Often producing unexpected results, these fountain pen ink works were fascinating to watch being produced. Wet Paint provided us with an excellent space as well as materials, and a nice camera setup location that allowed us to watch Terry produce his works of art. Often using inks that we were familiar with, mixed in with some of his own discoveries, the colorful works left us wanting to run home and try this ourselves.

Below are a few photos, videos, and close ups of a few completed works, as well as some links that Terry mentions during his presentation.

Below are two brief videos of portions of Terry’s presentation.

Thank you, Terry, for a fun evening, and to Wet Paint for your hospitality and great store selection of paper, pens, and inks!

Links from Meeting:

Japanese Inks – The Hanli (mentioned and used by Terry)

Nick Stewart Ink Art – Source for Terry and an Ink Artist

September 2022 Meeting at WET PAINT

The September Meeting will be at Wet Paint on Wednesday September 21, from 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm. Below is a condensed description of the meeting. Please note that Wet Paint will require the use of a mask at this event. To RSVP to this event, please follow the link in the next paragraph.

Here is the link to RSVP:

“Join us for a Meet Up with the P.E.N.S. (Pen Enthusiasts Northern Society) for their September gathering. Learn and connect!

Topic: Demonstration by Terry BentleyA brief update of Wet Paint Artists’ Materials growing selection of pens, inks and accessories for fine writing.

Terry will demonstrate easy to produce art using fountain pen inks in a new ways. This unique art form relies heavily on chromatography and serendipity resulting in unexpected paintings.

Please wear well fitting masks during in-person classes at Wet Paint. If you are having any COVID or cold-like symptoms even if you have been vaccinated, please do not come to the class. Thank you.

Wet Paint Artists’ Materials’ growing selection of pens, inks and accessories for fine writing, fills the niche today!

August Meeting Recap

The following are excerpts of notes taken by Robb S at the meeting on the August 17. Member Mike Green gave an excellent talk on Pen Turning and showed examples of his amazing pens!

“Mike Green gave a nice lengthy talk on his year long journey into pen turning. (See mighke42 on Instagram) I especially enjoyed Mike taking questions and giving polite concise honest responses. He brought examples of how he started with turning parts for kit pens and has progressed to several different styles of full custom fountain pens, with more to come. He covered the tools used on the lathe, basic turning theory. I enjoyed seeing the pads and polishes used to finely finish the pen to a mirror finish. He brought many stock rods of materials is a broad spectrum of colors and hues. As well as many pens in process. And finally, many finished pens. Which a couple of members strongly wanting to buy one of Mike’s new style pens, with #8 Bock nibs. He had two pen examples with #8 Bock nibs, in Titanium and Gold. I know I will be buying one of Mike’s pens soon.”

“.. I really enjoy custom pens and custom nibs. it was fun to hear Mike talk about this topic, with his obvious passion and continued desire to improve. Well done, Mike. Thanks for sharing.”

Below are a few photos taken at the meeting. Thank you, Mike!!

August Meeting Announcement

We are having our Pen Club meeting next Wednesday August 17th. Mark your calendar.

Theme for the meeting; PROCESS of MAKING CUSTOM PENS, presented by Mike Green. 

We will meet at Mims Cafe,1435 Cleveland Ave N, St Paul MN 55108. 

Cleveland Ave is partly closed due to construction. There is street parking and a parking lot behind Mims. Let Francis know who is coming so we can set up enough chairs around the table.

Meeting starts at 6:30 PM. Come early and order your food if you wish.

July 2022 Meeting Notes

We met at Mims Cafe on the St. Paul Campus, which is a good temporary location and venue. You can order delicious Mediterranean food before the meeting and have your dinner during the meeting.

Basil Gilliland gave an excellent and comprehensive talk on the Waterman Pen Company and showed us from his extensive Waterman collection, very rare and almost one-of-a-kind pens. He got a standing ovation after his talk. We wish all of you were there.

Please see below for a group photo and some of Basil’s pens.

July (20) 2022 Meeting

Basil Gilliland will give us a talk on Waterman Pen Company’s history and their products. This will compliment Fritz Ferris’s “Talk & Show” of his Waterman Pens. Meeting is this coming Wednesday July20th, 2022

Meeting Place; Mims Cafe, 1435 Cleveland Ave N, St Paul MN 55108*

*Beware of construction on Cleveland Ave. 

Meeting time 6 PM, come early and get something to eat.

We hope to see everyone there!